Team 2015/2016

This season the team is made up of 54 students from different engineering degree programs. Their effort and dedication are part of a voluntary activity that complements their studies.

The Fstec16 is the result of team teamwork.

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They are primarily responsible for management tasks; they make sure that everything goes right.

Ignacio Pombo

Team lider

Javier Aperribay

Technical director

Juan María Egaña

Team advisor

Operations Area

The objective of this area is firstly to make sure everything on the team is working as it should and secondly they are in charge of every non technical aspect of the car such as sponsors, bussines plan and cost.

Ignacio Pombo

Head of area

Alejandra Areñas

Alicia Martínez

Elisabeth Arbulu

Rebeca Biazquiz

Mariona Bosch

Carlos Basarte

Jose Andrés Guerra


They are responsible for optimizing the performance of the power unit and its transmission to the wheels.

Iraia Oliveira

Head of area

Ignacio Vera

Raquel Orueta

Ander Arellano

Iñigo Gabilondo

Gilen Aldalur

Jorge Fernández

Eduardo Aldama


This year we continue to pursue the philosophy of a tubular chassis, but this year we have reduced the weight.

Nicolás Serrano

Head of area

Igor Olinaga

Borja Villanueva

Cristian Alonso

Javier Ibargoitia

Jon Ramos

Aitor Lopetegui

Pau Oliva


The suspension is what keeps the car on the asphalt. When it functions correctly, it will make it possible for the driver to keep the car on the track no matter how demanding the track is. This year the suspension has been dynamically and mechanically redesigned with the aim of lightening it up and improving its performance.

Carlos Rubio

Head of area

Rosa Jiménez

Gorka Pérez

Asier Rituerto

Iker Muñoz

Iñigo Eizaguirre

Jon Barragan

Álvaro Arratibel

Jaime Clavijo

Bodywork & Aero

This year the first steps have been taken to implement aerodynamic elements, designing a flat bottom with diffusors and a lighter bodywork with the team colours.

Manuel Alonso

Head of area

Iker Iriarte

Mikel Contreras

Eric Roig

María Serrano

Tomás Burgos

Aitor Martín

David Martín


These team members are responsible for the electronic components of the car that deal with process automation.

Imanol Irizar

Head of area

Pablo Crespo

Luis Viñolas

Rodrigo Gomez

Pablo Eguiguren

Iñigo Ariceta


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Address: 31190 Tecnun, San Sebastián

Phone: +34 943 004 516 (Ext. 2583)


Monday to Sunday: 9:30 Am - 5:30 Pm

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