Support the project

The sponsors represent the second engine of our car.
Their support and collaboration are essential for allowing us to carry out our project.

The team’s budget mainly comes from donations from companies and individuals.

What do we offer?

Each sponsoring company is a member of Tecnun Motorsport, and as a team: WE ALL WIN.


Formula Student is a great showcase for international brands. Many of the largest companies in the automotive and motorcycle sectors collaborate with teams.

The logos on our car, roll-ups and gear bring the brand to an audience both within Spain and beyond our borders.

Social networks

Tecnun Motorsport is present in nearly every social network, and has several followers.

We use them mainly to make sure that everyone is able to know what is happening inside our work place and what we are being able to echieve.


Collaborating with a university project brings companies into contact with younger generations.

In our case, companies can have a direct impact on Tecnun’s thousand students and the more than 10,000 students at the University of Navarra..


Our sponsors are present at events, competitions and team activities.

They are on the logos of our car, on our gear, on our web page and on our social networks.

What are we looking for?

Any type of collaboration is a very important for us. We start from a budget of zero, which increases thanks to external contributions.

Economic support

Through financial contributions we can meet the expenses involved in this project.

From the manufacturing of the car to its transfer to the actual competition.


Training: The main objective of Tecnun Motorsport is to train students.

To that end, in addition to seeking companies that can help cover part of our material needs, we are also looking for companies that can get involved in training our team through courses and training sessions.

Materials and facilities

Another way companies can collaborate is to facilitate access to materials and/or their facilities in order to manufacture our parts.

Follow us closely

Our office

Address: 31190 Tecnun, San Sebastián

Phone: +34 943 004 516 (Ext. 2583)


Monday to Sunday: 9:30 Am - 5:30 Pm

Social networks

A few of our sponsors:

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