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About us

Tecnun Motorsport is a project that takes place at Tecnun(Universidad de Navarra) its aim is to design and build a car so that the team can take part at the Formula Student competition each year.

Build a car

We start from scratch and we end up with a car that is able to compete on F1 circuits such as Silverstone, Hockenheim or Montmeló.

Build a team

"Formula Student's success is not about designing good cars, it's about designing good teams."
Claude Rouelle

Build yourself

Tecnun Motorsport is able to provide each member of the team the opportunity to gain a lot of experience by working with professionals of the area.

"Every year I am impressed by the amount of talent shown by the competitor at the Formula Student.''

Ross Brawn

Competition, our DNA

Formula Student is known worldwide. It seeks excellence inside the engineering area using the international competition which test the ability of each team to cope with their teammates and their resources, at the same time that they are working on their studies.

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Our office

Address: 31190 Tecnun, San Sebastián

Phone: +34 943 004 516 (Ext. 2583)

Email: tecnunmotorsport@tecnun.es

Monday to Sunday: 9:30 Am - 5:30 Pm

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