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This global competition challenges young engineers from more than 200 universities to develop a competition car for testing on F1 circuits.

The goal is to offer experience with a real project that will complement our education in engineering and management under the guidance of professionals.

In a FS competition you can find:






different countries

The competition

Up to a 1000 points can be earned in the competition; the points are, distributed among the different types of static (cost, design, business plan presentation) and dynamic (endurance, autocross, skid pad, fuel economy, acceleration) tests.

These tests are evaluated by judges from the automobile industry, and the team with the highest score is be the winner of the competition.

    Static Tests

    These tests the ability of the team off the track. This is where quality of the engineering is evaluated, including the study of the costs and the preparation of a business plan.

    Static Tests

    Business Plan

    In this test, one or two people representing the team present a business idea based on the mass production of the car. The defence must be attractive enough to make the jury want to invest their money in our business.

    To that end so, we analyse the market and, costs, and we,estimate the sales and profits.

    Cost Report

    The cost report is the detailed study of the car’s fabrication costs, and the report must be defended in front of experts in from this sector of the automotive industry, who serve as the judges.

    In this test not only are the figures evaluated, but so is the ability of the team members to explain these costs and answer the jury’s questions. The goal of this exercise is to make sure that engineers worry make a careful study of their budget when launching a product into the market.


    In this test we have to demonstrate that all the elements included in the car have a reason for being there and that we have applied the most suitable engineering tools.

    As before, the judges will ask team members all questions they consider necessary to understand the design of the car.

    Dynamic Tests

    In these events the performance of the car and its resistance are analysed: asphalt, speed… GAS!

    Dynamic Tests


    Drivers have to cross the 75 meters from the starting cones to the pennants at the finish line in the shortest time possible.


    This test evaluates the capacity of the car to take curves. To that end, drivers will also need to prove their ability to drive the car on the circuit delimited by cones.


    This test evaluates the car’s performance and the time it takes for the car to complete the circuit. Knocking over cones results in penalties.

    The goal is to test the manoeuvrability of the car and its behaviour on the circuit without any other car on track.


    The hardest test, the endurance or resistance test, consists of completing 22km on the circuit. It usually lasts approximately half an hour, and it requires a change of driver in the middle of the test.

    Knocking over cones also results in penalties, though in this test there are a few more cars on track. It’s the most feared test of the competition because many teams are not able to finish it.

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